About TeLA


Tehama eLearning Academy is a Tehama County Department of Education charter school serving grades 7 through adult. This school was created by the forward thinking of the Mineral School District Board of Trustees and Dr. Harold Vietti over a decade ago with the intent of offering an alternative academic environment to students wanting to receive a high quality education.

Tehama eLearning Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). A copy of the school charter is kept at the school site.

Currently, we are in our twelfth year of operation serving approximately 135 students. Our intent is to use computers and associated technology as instructional tools, allowing students to learn “anytime’, “anyplace”, and at “any pace.” Students complete their coursework from anywhere they can access the Internet. They are instructed and/or communicated with by our staff of teachers at our on-site learning center located in Red Bluff. We endeavor to provide a safe learning atmosphere in order for the student to acquire superior academic progress!

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality education through the use of innovative curriculum quality academic service, and reliable technical support.

Educational Philosophy

We believe that the learning process is characterized by a need for ongoing feedback from within one’s self and from the input of others. Both internal and external feedback, based on conversations between the teacher, student and parents, Personalized instruction brings life to the process and helps to bring about learning. Teachers are ‘motivators’ who encourage. They are ‘guides’ who help lead and direct students to reach their goals.

The learning environment is:

  • Continuous – not dependent on time and place or students pace.
  • Relevant – where content and curriculum is current and meaningful to the learner.
  • Adaptive – where instruction adapts to the needs of the individual learner.

Expected School Learning Results (ESLERs)

Students will learn to be:

  • Self-directed learners – who are able to demonstrate self-motivation, self-discipline and responsibility to accomplish achievable goals.
  • Effective communicators – who are able to read, write, speak and listen reflectively and critically with a sense of purpose within a group and to an audience; as well as use technology effectively as a communication tool.
  • Productive and collaborative workers – who take pride in participating successfully and equitably in group projects, and use effective leadership and group skills with problem solving and critical thinking strategies to solve everyday problems.
  • Contributing members of society – who understand, accept and respect the value of diverse viewpoints, beliefs and cultures, which will enable them to make informed, responsible decisions.

We guarantee:

Experienced California Credentialed Teachers who are experts in their academic fields. Educational Programs which are individualized to each students ability, needs and learning styles. Open entry/open exit enrollment allowing for flexible scheduling of instruction and study. Computerized curriculum that allows for speedy and up-to-date instruction in all programs of study. Adaptive technology for students with disabilities.